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  • Order for Wendy (RESERVED),Order for Wendy (RESERVED)
  • Order for Wendy (RESERVED),Order for Wendy (RESERVED)
  • Order for Wendy (RESERVED),Order for Wendy (RESERVED)


Order for Wendy (RESERVED)

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For Wendy,


For the breakdown:

Mint Green Takchita:  226 GBP   equivalent of approx 294 USD)

Purple Takchita:  269 GBP (equivalent of approx 350.00 USD)

Emerald Green 269 GBP (equivalent of approx 350.00 USD)


total of     764 GBP  (equivalent of approx 994.00 USD.)

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New Moroccan Luxury Caftan Kaftan Collection

Indulge yourselves in one of our beautiful and authentic handcrafted luxury caftans.
You can easily wear them to any parties, not to mention Moroccan Parties, events, weddings, or any special occasions where you would like to shine like a bohemian princess.

This beautiful 2 piece takchita is suitable for any wedding event, Eid, party.

We have passion in bringing women from all over the world to try out and to wear beautiful caftans, bring something special, new and inspiring into their lives.

Wear caftan, and make every occasion special and unforgettable...

♥ ♥ ♥Maison Marrakech Luxury Caftan Size Chart (suitable for all sizes S to XL) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥Bust (inches) up to inches L: 42-44 inches
♥Hip (inches) up to 49-50 inches
♥Sleeve length: (long sleeve): 23 inches
♥Length: (Long Caftan): 52-53 inches (133-135cm)
♥Waist is adjustable for all sizes S to XL.
♥This caftan is a 2 piece

♥Material: 100% Satin Silk

Please enquire for further info.
UPS courier shipping available upon request (20.00USD addition to normal shipment)

For Best Results: Dry Cleaning

Wear Marrakech, feel bohemian...
Made in Marrakech with heart ♥

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