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Our SS2017 is out now! Check our our new Moroccan Poufs, great for presents too, can't get better than this. Be Bohemian, Live Bohemian, Maison de Marrakech

  • Black with White Moroccan Leather Pouffe Pouf
  • Black with White Moroccan Leather Pouffe Pouf
  • Black with White Moroccan Leather Pouffe Pouf


Black with White Moroccan Leather Pouffe Pouf

£68.99 £95.99



Beautiful handmade Moroccan leather pouf /Pouffe with beautiful embroidered design.

Produced exclusively for Maison De Marrkech by skilled craftsmen in our family artisan leather workshop in Marrakech.

The finest quality leather is used for our pouffes which are available in wonderful vivid colour selections. Pouffes, also known as ottomans, make a stunning home furnishing accessory and give great character to any room in your house.

Leather pouffes have many practical uses from seats to footstools to decorative side tables. Choose from an array of different colours.

♥ Colour: Black with White stitching
(comes also in Tan/ Black /Silver/Gold/Turquoise/Pink/Lilac/Green/Orange/Yellow)

♥ Material: Leather

There are many eco-friendly ways of stuffing your pouffe from recycling old clothing and fabrics to using old plastic supermarket bags.

Please note that the pouffes, due to the shipping cost and practicality, do NOT come with the filling inside. We only ship out the pouf covers. You can buy polystyrene balls or cotton filling locally, or use the eco-friendly way as mentioned above, and fill them in our Moroccan Pouffes.

Stuffing instructions will be included in the shipment. So no worries. If you have any questions how to stuff our pouffes, Please contact us anytime!

Made from: 100% Leather

Dimensions: 53cm x 28cm