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At Maison De Marrakech Designs, we have our own team & workshop in Marrakech, Morocco, where our skilled artisans handcraft and create the desired piece, from intricate Moroccan ceiling & wall paintings, tailor made 'one of a kind' furniture pieces, to magnificent Moroccan bespoke ceiling lights & room lights. The sky is the limit to what we can offer you in our skilled design abilities.

Moroccan Interior Design Elements

Moroccan interiors are a reflection of the country’s diverse and rich culture. A Moroccan interior should have a sense of the history and cultural traditions as well as the motifs, shapes and designs of the beautiful country. Intricate carvings, arched doorways and colourful fabrics are plentiful in Moroccan homes, and they are features that can be easily introduced into a contemporary interior anywhere in the world.


The Moroccan look has been greatly influenced by Moorish architecture, which can be found throughout the Arab regions and into North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. Some of the most common characteristics of this look include the arches, domes, courtyards and decorative tiles that combine to create a beautiful and intriguing space.


Not all of these elements must be present in an interior to create a Moroccan look. For a more modern approach, introduce the so-called horseshoe or keyhole arches into the interior whilst keeping an all-white colour palette, or for a more rustic or playful interior use the stunning Moroccan decorative tiles on the floor, walls or as detailing to create a striking and ethnic look.

The colour schemes in Moroccan interiors most often reflect the shades and tones of either the desert or the ocean, meaning that brilliant reds, oranges and yellows as well as blues dominate the Moroccan interior, often against a more neutral, or colour-washed background. Colour can be introduced on the walls, or for a more subtle look, bring colour to the room in the fabrics, upholstery and accessories.


Metalwork is a vital element in a traditional Moroccan interior, with a wide variety of beautiful, decorative pieces available to accessorize the home. Metal mirrors, vases, lanterns, kettles and trays are just a few of the wonderful - and traditionally hand-crafted - metal items that adorn the Moroccan interior. A cluster of metal vases make a beautiful Moroccan-inspired feature, and a delicate metal serving tray displayed on the coffee table brings a distinctly Moroccan edge to any style of table.

moroccan tiles


Mosaic is another stunning element of Moroccan design - this is particularly useful material for the kitchen or bathroom, bringing delicate detail, colour and pattern to surfaces that must also be high-performing. Mosaic can be introduced on the floor, walls, or as a decorative surface on a coffee table, sideboard or wall panel.

Moroccan Furniture

Look to add some texture, pattern or detail with each of the items in a Moroccan interior. Combine delicately carved wood - on the seat bases, chests, coffee table or side tables - with items that have beautiful Moroccan metalwork, such as a mirror, lamp or other accessories. Whilst being highly decorated, each piece in the Moroccan interior should have a very relaxed and informal feel. Choose furniture that is low to the ground, and with a clean, simple lines, so that the decorative surfaces can take centre stage.  

Moroccan Seating

The seating in a Moroccan room will be low, relaxed and informal, so look to recreate this in your own interior. Create a seating area - as opposed to a more traditional sofa - by designing a bespoke piece that spreads over a large space, with deep seats that are kept low to the ground. A bespoke seating area could fill an alcove, or could run along two walls to create a large and sprawling seat for lounging and socialising.

If not creating a bespoke design, there are many pieces that sit easily in a Moroccan interior. Make sure to choose a sofa or armchairs that have large, generous seats, with a very low backrest and either low or no armrests, as this will replicate the relaxed and informal feel of Moroccan seating. A chaise longue is a wonderful piece to add to a Moroccan room, as it has the right sense of opulence and luxury, with a curving silhouette and rich upholstery it is the perfect fit. Another piece to consider in the Moroccan interior is the daybed - look for a design that incorporates the detailed carving, or metalwork that will add to the decadence and beauty of the room.

living roommoroccan seating 2

Moroccan Lighting

The moroccan lantern is a cornerstone of a Moroccan inspired interior. These intricate and beautiful lanterns are made in metal such as brass or copper, and when lit cast stunning shadows on their surroundings. Hang these lanterns individually throughout a room, or hang them in groups to create a unique and striking feature in a corner, or above a table.

Alternatively, there are other styles of lantern that have a similar shape, with a frame made in metal, however in place of the metalwork panels, coloured glass panels more light and colour to the space for a more contemporary look. Sconces that have the same intricate metalwork or that combine metal and coloured glass, create an atmospheric and dramatic space, whilst echoing the traditional design of the Moroccan lantern.  A sculptural, curved or teardrop shaped pendant will also work well, so long as the materials and colours are in keeping with the rest of the interior.

lamps 1

Moroccan Rugs and Fabrics

Fabrics and textiles are key to creating an authentic Moroccan interior. Upholster the seating, cushions and poufs in lively patterns and prints. Select unusual, jewel-like colours such as emerald, amethyst, jade, ruby and turquoise, as well as gold and silver in abundance.

Throws, drapes, room dividers and even a beautiful tented ceiling can be added to create a warm, inviting and relaxing space. Choose light, gauzy textiles or fine silks to allow light into and around the room, avoiding making the room feel heavy or dark.

Morocco is well-known for their beautiful, luxurious rugs that bring warmth, tactility and texture to the room. Moroccans have been designing and making some of the world’s finest rugs for many centuries, so to add something special to your room, source a vintage or antique Moroccan rug, that will bring a touch of authenticity to the room.

Moroccan rug designs focus on abstract and geometric patterns, and come in a wonderful range of colours - from those that are bright and vivid to those that have a more neutral palette - meaning that there is a Moroccan-inspired rug to suit every type of interior.

At Maison De Marrakech Design, we have worked with many different archtects, interior designers & designers to create bespoke projects worldwide, from five star hotels, spas to restaurantes and private villas. We also pride ourselves in taking part of several prestige private houses designing their bathrooms, kitchens, bedroom and living rooms. No matter what your requirements are , we guarantee that our team of experts are skillful and can provide you with the service and design you need for your besoke projects.



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