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All Maison De Marrakech babouches are made from the best quality leather. They are coordinated by designer Reina Cherquaoui, and made by one of the best babouche makers in Marrakech.
Enjoy wearing the experience of our magic light babouches....
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White Moroccan Babouche Slippers Black Babouche Slippers-Les Etoile Style Orange Babouche Slippers-Les Etoile Style
white moroccan babouche slippers blackmoroccan babouche slippers with sequences orange moroccan babouche slippers with sequences
Pink Babouche Slippers-Les Etoile Style Black Multicolour Button Babouche Slippers White Babouche Slippers-Plain
light pink/pink moroccan babouche slippers with sequences black multicolour button babouche slippers white moroccan babouche slippers